swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research institute. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of conflict prevention and conflict transformation.


25 May 2016
International Conference on Mediation
The Centre for Mediation in Africa (University of Pretoria), the Global South Unit for Mediation (University of Rio) and swisspeace jointly organize an international conference on mediation from 21-23 June 2016 in Basel, Switzerland. Further information.

Women refugees from Syria at a clinic in Jordan

19 May 2016
European Union call for action ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit
swisspeace signed the NGO call for a comprehensive approach to serving the needs of people in conflict, by scaling-up investments in conflict prevention and applying conflict sensitivity to humanitarian assistance. Read the call.

View of Bagan in Myanmar, a country still affected by armed conflits

11 May 2016
Register now for the Summer School: Myanmar - Lessons for Peace & Conflict
How can peace and conflict studies contribute to understanding the conflict dynamics in Myanmar, and how can lessons drawn from the context advance academic research? Details. Apply.

Street are in Sanaa. Copyright: Getty Images, 2015

5 May 2016
Register now for the CAS in Civilian Peacebuilding Essentials
This course provides a holistic understanding of civilian peacebuilding  and is designed for practitioners and academics interested in bridging their own experiences with current conceptual insights and practical knowledge. Details. Apply.



Latest publications

Jolyon Ford, 2016

Promoting Conflict-Sensitive Business Activity during Peacebuilding

swisspeace Working Paper, 1 | 2016, April 2016, ISBN 978-3-908230-99-1. Order / download.

Natascha Cerny Ehtesham, Laurent Goetschel, 2016

Civil Society in the OSCE: From Human Rights Advocacy to Peacebuilding

In: Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (ed), Yearbook on the Organization for Security and Coperation in Europe (OSCE). Hamburg: University of Hamburg / IFSH. Link.

Briony Jones, Ingrid Oliveira, 2016

Truth Commission Archives as New Democratic Spaces

In: Journal of Human Rights Practice, Vol. 8 (1): 6-24.

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Introduction: Documentation, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

In: Journal of Human Rights Practice, Vol. 8 (1): 1-5.