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Dominik Balthasar, Somalia expert

19 October 2016
Civil Society’s Engagement in Peace and Statebuilding – perspectives from civil society
Join us for a brown bag lunch on October 26 to discuss about how to strengthen the voice and capacity of society to effectively engage in peacebuilding and statebuilding efforts.

Dominik Balthasar, Somalia expert

19 October 2016
Colombian Civil Society Organizations in the Peace Process
Three representatives of the Colombian civil society will discuss the roles, opportunities for action, and challenges in the ongoing peace process. Join the KOFF roundtable held in Spanish on 27 October. Please register, info in German.

Dominik Balthasar, Somalia expert

18 October 2016
Boko-Haram: A quest for causes
What role do religious actors play in conflict and peacebuilding? What are the causes of violent extremism in Nigeria? These questions will be discussed by Laurent Goetschel and Yakubu Joseph. Join the discussion in Basel on 27 October, organized by Mission 21.

Dominik Balthasar, Somalia expert

18 October 2016
4th OSCE Civil Society Expert Workshop on “Security, War and Peace – Human Rights as a cross-dimensional issue”
On 24 and 25 October 2016, the 4th OSCE Civil Society Expert Workshop will take place in Vienna, in which swisspeace is participating. More information to follow.

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